TBC Projects

Founded in 1985 – The Beloved Community has been strengthening our communities through various projects. Read about some of our latest endeavors!

Neighbors In Action

The Beloved Community’s initiatives have reached from local neighborhoods to communities across the globe, fostering a wave of positivity that echoes worldwide.

Easter Feaster

For this event, TBC prepared and distributed over 200 free meals to the Binghamton community on Easter Sunday.

Free Little Library

Located at 66 Chapin Street in Binghamton, NY, The Beloved Community’s first little library is fully operational!

Binghamton Trash Clean Up & Social

This community clean up event helped beautify the streets of Binghamton while bringing together our neighborhood with food & drinks donated by local businesses. We also shared in the giving by passing out snacks to members of the community.

Kolkata Children’s Project

This 16-year-old project helps students and their families by providing education materials and communal needs such as mosquito nets, tarps for the monsoon season, wheelchairs for the disabled, and clothing. We send our love and support from one community to another!

Kolkata’s Forgotten Brothers

The Kolkata’s Forgotten Brothers project aimed to help Jakir, Ronnie, Sahil, and Sajada – 4 young friends of The Beloved Community. This targeted initiative provided resources such as English classes, school supplies, housing, and medicine with the goal to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty.

Growing Together

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Experiences From Past Community Leaders

Kenny Brown, Binghamton native and longtime food industry worker, has long hoped to provide hot meals to the community on holidays. He contacted our Steering Committee to explore the opportunity, who partnered with Kenny to create a project timeline, fundraising goals, logistics, and ensure the event was well staffed by volunteers.

Through our partnership with Kenny, TBC served 236 meals to the community, all completely covered by donations!

“The Beloved Community helped me bring to fruition a long held dream of mine; to give back to the community through my culinary skills on a holiday when people may need the company of their community the most.
Easter Feaster was just the beginning of what I hope to be many more free meals that with the help of TBC, I can provide to the Broome County area. Together we can keep each other fed!”
– Kenny Brown, Binghamton, NY

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